Paul Silk Acupuncture and Massage in New Southgate, Barnet

Physical Therapies #01


Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a system of healing including Chinese massage and Chinese herbs that has been used to bring about mental, emotional and physical well being for more than 2000 years. TCM understands that health is based on the abundance and free flow of qi (pronounced chee) - meaning energy in the organs and through the channels or meridians of the body. Western or Medical Acupuncture works more closely with muscle attachments and origins and has been shown to alter the electrical conductivity and fascial tissues of the body.

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Physical Therapies #02


Massage uses a variety of strokes to warm, relax and stretch the muscles. The benefits of relaxed muscles are obvious in terms of function and range of motion. Having a relaxed body however, also affects the body's deeper functions of removal of toxins, improved cardio vascular and respiratory systems and clearer and more positive thought processes. Paul uses a variety of Massage techniques including Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. To see more visit here.

Moxa & Cupping

Used alongside Acupuncture since its beginnings, Moxa is a herb, mugwort. Rolled and burnt moxa creates a gentle heat especially effective for treating conditions of deficiency (think how you feel on ‘duvet days’). Moxa is a warming treatment used to rebalance the organs, aid digestion and bolster immunity. It can also be used in Muscular skeletal conditions caused by cold exposure (e.g. wry neck).

Glass cups in which a vacuum is formed are placed onto the body. This has the effect of pulling fresh blood in to the muscles. This re-oxygenates and detoxifies over-worked muscles. Used traditionally everywhere from Iraq to Italy, Cupping is a well established and traditionally proven aid to well-being.

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Paul trains in a number of movement systems including Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Working with slow, gentle and very powerful movements engage the breath and mind with the body. Posture encouraged in Qi Gong has an endless list of benefits attributed to it including: opening the joints, improving energy levels, reducing chronic pain and calming the mind. Qi Gong is considered to be so beneficial to health that “the Chinese government has listed qi gong as part of their National Health Plan.”

Paul also works with more Western and aerobic forms of movement such as Static Trapeze and Capoeira and is happy to recommend and demonstrate specific exercises to clients to train them out of counter-productive postural habits.

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