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What is it?
Massage is possbily the oldest system of healing in the world. Although 'Swedish massage' is a more recent historical development, human beings have naturally used touch to transmit healing and comfort to one another since we hung out in caves. 

What does it do? 
Massage as it understood these days uses a variety of techniques of pressure and touch to warm, relax and stretch the body's muscles and connective tissues. Relaxed muscles report more efficient function and a greater range of motion. Having a relaxed body also affects the body's deeper metabolic functions like removing toxins, improving cardio vascular and respiratory systems and helping us think clearer and more positively. 

What can I expect from a treatment? 
It is common for clients immediately after treatment to feel more mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed. Depending on the type of massage (see below) and the chronicity or acuteness of your condition, you may experience up to 2 days of feeling tender or achy before experiencing increased strength and flexibiilty. 

What type of Massage does Paul use?
Holistic Massage
Holistic massage is derived from Swedish Massage. It is a gentle and respectful form of treatment that treats emotional, psychological and physical stresses. This utilises sweeping, warming strokes as well as more pressured strokes to alternatively soothe and wring tension from the body. It can leave the recipient feeling calm and resourceful. 

Sports Massage
Sports Massage is a firmer form of treatment that utilises manipulations such as assisted stretches to treat muscles that have a restricted range of movement. Although the process can be less 'soothing' than Holistic massage the increase in function and resilience is reported by most to be more than worth it! 

Deep Tissue Massage
Injuries (or bad habits) that have been untreated for a long time end up inhibiting the core muscles of the body that govern posture. If you have had a condition that has previously not responded to more 'surface' massage techniques or returned quicker than expected it may be that Deep Tissue Massage can provide more long-term relief.

Integrative Fascial Release (IFR)
Connective tissue (also called fasica) runs throughout the body and wraps our organs and muscles. It is the tissue that allows muscles and skin to glide smoothly accross each other and is therefore incredibly important for full range of movevment in the body. 
Although IFR uses a very gentle touch, it provides surprisingly profound changes as the body finds a new centre of gravity. The treatment is very relaxing due to the connection bewteen fascia and the parasympathetic nerve system (responsible for repairing cells when we're asleep or unconscious).

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