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Moxibustion & Cupping #01


What is it?
Moxibustion is the use of a burning herb called Moxa (Mugwort) which creates a gentle heat that warms the areas of the body most in need of warmth and relaxation. You can think of it like a hot chocolate for your muscles. Mmm.
Paul uses three types of Moxa in clinic. 
'Hot needle' moxa - this is a small wrapped piece of moxa placed on the coil of the needle. When lit the warmth extends down the needle into the body
'Punk moxa' - this is moxa in its natural form. It is shaped into small pyramid shapes and burnt next to the skin so the heat goes directly to the source of pain. 
Moxa stick - this is a longer wrapped stick of moxa (looks a little like a cigar in length). When the end is lit the heat can be directed in strokes or held over a smaller area in need of attention. 

What does it do?
It can be used in muscular-skeletal conditions caused by cold exposure like when you drive with the window down and shortly after have to turn your whole body to look at thing. Furthermore, pain equates to stuck qi. The warmth of Moxa moves qi. As qi moves the area and level of intensity of pain is lessened. Moxa can also be used to aid digestion and bolster immunity. 

What can I expect from treatment?
Moxa is very pleasant warming sensation. You can expect the area of pain to feel soothed and easy. If you are having moxa used to help with internal conditions you can expect to feel more energetic and for bodily functions to feel smoother. 


What is it?
As well as being used in TCM, some form of Cupping has been used traditionally everywhere from Iraq to Italy. Simply put - suction is created in glass 'cups' by the insertion and withdrawal of a flame and the cups placed on the body (usually the back). This draws the muscle into the cups, dramatically increasing the blood flow to the cupped area. 

What does it do?
Cupping removes toxins from the body and reoxygenates and relaxes tense muscles. 

What can I expect from treatment?
Cupping creates bruise marks on the body. The colour and duration of bruising depend on the acuteness or chronicity of the muscular tension but most marks faid within 3-5 days. These bruises are usually completely pain free. Clients report that cupping makes the muscles feel "relaxed", "fresh", "open" and "free".

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