Paul Silk Acupuncture and Massage in New Southgate, Barnet


What is it?
Paul has trained in a number of movement systems for health including Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Capoeira and Trapeze!

Each of these systems contain a different range of benefits. Qi Gung for example combine slow movements and static postures that often emulate movements in nature - for example the opening and closing of swans wings, the movement of the trees in the wind, etc. Qi Gung alone is considered so beneficial to health that the Chinese government has listed Qi Gong as part of their National Health Plan!

What does it do? 
Paul will demonstrate specific movements and stretches for each client. Depending on need these postures and exercises can rehabilitate injured muscles, improve the ability to focus and relax, open the joints, regulate and deepen breathing, or cultivate and move qi.

What can I expect from treatment?
Interested clients are taught exercises, stretches and postures specific to their needs. Clients can expect to learn something new about their body and its capabilities.

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