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What is Health?

Health is one of our central necessities. Without health we cannot tend to the most valued areas of our life: work, family relationships, friendships. Everyday we are bombarded by unrealistic images of what happiness and health should look like. We drive ourselves to meet others' expectations, be it society’s, the boss’s or our kids’, and eventually our health begins to suffer. We may feel cramped, rushed, tired all the time or a host of other uncomfortable sensations.

What we hold in our mind is where our focus and energy are directed. When we are ill the illness becomes our main focus.So health is something we are most aware of as a lack, but being actively healthy can mean different things to each of us. Is it luxuriating with a glass of wine by the fire, or the sweet sweat of a Marathon? Do you want to work for a company you believe in or run a business according to your own values, or do you just want to get paid? Is your love life about a significant other, or is it about simply spending more time with yourself ?

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is about rediscovering what health looks and feels like to you, and then giving you all the tools to reach that optimum state. Coaching helps the client to define their version of health and take small, practical, long-lasting steps to create the changes they want to make.

Coaching aims to:

  • Give you control of your health
  • Assess without judgement what aspects of your lifestyle serve you and which you want to change
  • Give you a space to check in on your progress - to revitalize you when your outcomes are still relevant and to enable you to change direction if you have outgrown your original outcomes

  • What does it do?
    Coaching asks questions that enable you to clarify your needs and wants. Coaching helps you develop a pathway to your objective that sits well with you and your current lifestyle.Coaching creates space and time to listen to yourself, a luxury that many of us are too rushed to enjoy.

    What can I expect from a session?
    Coaching takes place in sessions lasting around 2 hours. The objectives of each session or course of sessions are defined by you. During the course of the session I will use techniques from traditonal coaching, as well as NLP and Clean Coaching. Each session will create developmental tasks, like homework! These are practical activities, created by you , that take you towards your goals. Examples include drawing or writing a map of where you want to be in 6 months or one, or 10 years, small realistic changes such as spending 5 minutes a day meditating, or an organisational task that you will facilitate changes in other areas.

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