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Remedial Stretching

How can Remedial Stretching help me?
Do you have difficulty moving your arm or leg into any position that you regularly need to function e.g. brushing your teeth, doing up a bra strap, reaching your socks? Do you suffer from repetitive strain or dislocations/sublaxations? Remedial Stretching can help to reeducate your body to use the correct muscles and use muscles correctly to restore and improve the way you move and the ease with which you move.

What is Remedial Stretching?
Remedial Stretching includes passive and dynamic stretches to improve recovery from injury. They are also used extensively in 'pre-hab' especially for amateur and professional athletes and performers. They are movements that improve range of motion in a joint, and either lengthen or strengthen muscle fibres depending on the need for movement or stability respectively.

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