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Clean Coaching

What is it?
'Clean Language' is a system that aims to place the client’s experiences at the heart of coaching by removing the coach's prejudices, beliefs, hopes and opinions from the process.

We’ve all been asked leadings question that makes it very apparent what the opinion of the person is. Consciously or otherwise we all ask questions that get us the answers we are looking for. However, when a Clean Coach is listening to your information you won't hear them come back with comments like "I had a friend that happened to", or "that's like when that happened to me", or "you've said that that but you must really mean this". Clean assumes that you mean what you say, so only the client’s language needs to be used.In this way, Clean questions enable you to concentrate and 'zoom in' on what you may not have had time to yet consider.

Clean Language also uses metaphor. We all operate to a self-created map of our world. The brain creates metaphors about all our experiences, and we speak in metaphors all day without even batting an eyelid. When Clean language is unleashed on our metaphors a strange and powerful thing happens. By bringing attention to the metaphors we have of external reality, that reality also starts to change. For example, if the metaphor for an overly-demanding boss is, "like a vulture circling me and I'm strapped down in a desert somewhere", and a Clean examination of the metaphor then reveals that the straps are made of "easily-broken rotted-through leather", this could translate to a reality in which you leave your job or at least realise that you are there by choice.

What does it do?
Clean Coaching enables the client to learn what their internal map of their world looks like. Awareness benefit s the client in 'real life' as they start to work from a more accurate map. Clients can expect to feel clearer about the decisions they make and for things to happen naturally that have previously required disproportionate effort.

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